Tools & Assessments
There are a wide variety of tools and assessments we use with our clients.  We do not value one more than the other.  We recommend and select the tools based upon the situation, need and the goals of the work.  We also believe that tools are not the work, but an aide to accomplish work.  Our bias is to be data-driven in our actions, so tools and assessments are one way of collecting the data, though certainly not the only way.

If you or organization have are using or have another instrument in mind, please talk to us about it.  Through the years certification and training have been received on numerous instruments.  Let's see makes the most sense for your situation.
Tools for Your Use...


So how satisfied are you with Leadership and Management skills?  Here's a self-assessment for you to take.  Is is a smooth wheel or a bumpy ride?

High Performing Team
How would you rate your team?  Is is a group of people or a high performing team?  Take this easy quiz to find out.

Assessments  Frequently Used...

  • Culture Assessment – Denison Organization Cutlure  
  • Change Style Indicator is a straight-forward, yet powerful tool that allows individuals, teams and even entire organizations understand how they can more effectively lead and manage change for themselves and others.
  • Meyer Briggs Type Indicator - also known as MBTI is a long tested tool to increase self-knowledge and provide ideas in working more effectively with others
  • Emotional IntelligenceView 360©
  • VOICES - 360° Feedback

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