Clients...Our Philosophy, A Sample List, and A Few Words From Them..

Here's What Some of Our Clients Have Said...

Linda has worked with my company, City Park, for over ten years.  She has facilitated strategic planning off sites, conducted teambuilding sessions, and coached members of the leadership team.  Linda’s tremendous skill set and experience, developed over the past 20 years, has helped our company to continue to be successful in the service industry. She has terrific communication skills – she hears, absorbs, and is a quick “read” on issues that arise during our planning sessions.  Linda’s meetings with our team consistently produces effective ideas and solutions that when applied over time have produced outstanding results! I highly recommend Linda to companies that wish to continue to grow and succeed in every level of their organization.”  Tim Leonoudakis, CEO, CityPark 


Here is an article in The City Parker, their company newsletter about work we did together.  You’re Not Me and I’m Not You



“I can honestly say that working with Linda to understand my team’s MBTI has made a lasting impact on the way that we interact.  We have a much better appreciation of our preferred and diverse approaches to communication, decision making, and information assimilation.  This knowledge has allowed us to interact more productively, and positively.  Through this understanding, I have come to truly appreciate the value of preferences other than my own, and the strength that this diversity brings to our organization.  The time with Linda was very well spent, and I’d be happy to share my experience with others, and do it again as my team continues to grow and evolve.”  Paul Bezy, Director, Genentech Process Development



"Linda has a wonderful way of drawing out the core issues within organizations and helping to identify the solutions, while drawing a clear link to the impact on the bottom line.  Linda is the most business savvy OD consultant I know."  Doug Bedinger, Principal Consultant, Consulting for Results



“Linda is an incredible business coach. Her ability to ask the right questions or pose options when I've hit a barrier in moving forward has helped me to start my own business, remain optimistic and productive. Linda has a style that encourages one to open up, face situations head-on and deal with them. An individual who leverages Linda's expertise would find it an invaluable experience.” Cindi Rhodes Owner, etc! and Telecommunications Consultant



“As a coach, Linda was able to pinpoint specific areas of growth opportunity that I was able to respond to and learn.  She has the ability to gently but firmly open up the box so that even the most tactical and stubborn (yours truly) feels comfortable in the journey!”  Rob E. Adams, former Senior Director, VERITAS Software Corporation (now Symantec)



“I first met Linda when Deloitte brought her in to key projects as a very senior consulting resource. I've recommended her wholeheartedly to multiple colleagues, some of whom did engage her services and were very favorably impressed. She brings great skills both to executive coaching and to organizational change initiatives.”  Mary Walker, Director Sales Operation, Satmetrix



“I want to commend Linda Kennedy for her great work surrounding the Western Area Managers Meeting.  From my initial conversations with Linda, she led the development of some unstructured ideas into a structured and precise agenda with some outstanding content.  The meeting got very high marks from my management team, and Linda’s participation throughout was outstanding.  Aside from development of the material, she also led the meeting and a couple key, difficult discussion areas.  I want to thank her for the great work.”  Bill, Vice-President, Western Area, Software Company in Silicon Valley



“Linda, that was probably the best "distance learning" session that I have ever attended. Well done!” John, Managing Principal, Professional Services Company



“Thanks also for putting something out there that is so simple, straightforward, and compelling.  You [Linda] gave us exactly what we needed!” Nicole, Managing Consultant, Professional Services Company  (Note:  The “something” were performance management tools.) 



"Linda Kennedy has a keen ability to engage even the toughest audience -- in this case, a group of HRD and Training professionals! Linda's presentation to our ASTD Chapter on "Politics In Organizations" highlighted her skill at: organizing content, prompting examination of underlying beliefs and raising new insights on a most intriguing topic.  Linda's use of real world examples and humor ensured key points were brought to life through lively discussion.  It was a thought-provoking presentation." Helen Marsh Training & Development



“Linda’s coaching approach is insightful and straightforward. I’ve discovered a tremendous amount about myself and others in our organization. As a result, I’ve improved my effectiveness by tenfold.”  Dave Gottlieb, CFO, CityPark



“Linda has counseled me on business situations many times. It is always an eye opener to me how much she perceives in an hour or two and how incredibly insightful she is about not only the situation I describe but more importantly my place in it and how to best think about what I can to do for a positive outcome. Linda causes introspection. Try it. You too will be amazed in a very good way.”Dave Woodward, President & CEO at LightSwitch Safety Systems, Inc.



“I really found our discussion yesterday to be very insightful and encouraging.  I cannot express enough how delighted I am that you are part of my life.”  Carmen Johnson, Managing Director

“To partner” with a client is a verb, a value, and a standard business practice.  We have expertise, strong business backgrounds and outstanding educational credentials.  And so do you.  You are bringing your expertise, experience and knowledge of the situation and have a lot at stake to succeed. We believe in merging what we know with what you know to create the right solution for the situation.  You have the inside view, we have the perspective from the outside.  Together we make a great team.  This is true whether we are coaching, consulting, conducting a seminar or presenting a keynote speech.

  • The Ash Group                            
  • BeVocal
  • Blood Centers of the Pacific
  • CityPark
  • Catholic HealthCare West
  • Colorado Department of Wildlife
  • Genentech
  • eBay
  • International Network Services
  • Lucent Technologies
  • PayCycle
  • SatMetrix
  • Siemens Medical Devices
  •  VERITAS Software
  •  Pfizer
  • Yahoo

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