Our Approach   

There are many facets to focus on in business - customers, finances, and products.  We understand and appreciate where leadership and culture fit into running a successful business.  That’s where the effectiveness of our approach begins to become apparent.

Business Acumen

First, we think and act from a systems perspective.  For example, if a supplier does not get their material to you in time, manufacturing is delayed, frustrations grow; the blame game is started and productivity starts going down.  Or undetected problems in an IT system design cause people to take an extraordinary amount of effort and time to get invoices out accurately.  Customers get frustrated with the mistakes.  Their relationship with sales people erodes and sales with existing customers slowly edge down.  Because of growth with new customers the shift is not be readily noticed.  These are examples of system challenges in companies.  Organizations are interconnected.  What looks like the problem is often only a symptom.

Focus on Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Focus is on the root causes of problems.  We ask questions to find out what’s really going on.  Assessments are frequently used for individuals, teams and for the culture.  We use data to understand and create alternatives.  It’s by being hands on, in the midst of things we learn what’s happening.  This is completed in a concise and structured process.

Convenient, Focused & Result Oriented Implementation

Solutions are convenient, focused and result-oriented.  Solutions are delivered via phone, in half day sessions, multi-day sessions, web-based, or a combination of other creative means.  We work with you to find the right delivery to get the results in a way that works for you.

Partner – Verb, Value and Business Practice

Yet another key difference in the way we work is that “to partner” with a client is a verb, a value, and a standard business practice for us.  We have expertise, strong business backgrounds and outstanding educational credentials.  And so do you.  You are bringing your expertise, experience and knowledge of the situation and often have a lot at stake to succeed. We believe in merging what we know with what you know to create the right solution for the situation.  You have the inside view, we have the fresh perspective from the outside and together we make a great team.  This is true whether we are coaching, consulting, conducting a seminar or presenting a keynote speech.

We Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in the excellence of our work and offer a highly unusual promise—a 100% satisfaction guarantee on ALL of our services.