About Linda Kennedy, President & Founder   
Linda understands companies from both inside and outside. She held senior human resource and organizational development positions at VERITAS Software, Lucent Technologies, Octel Communications and CIBA-Geigy. She has been an external organization development consultant and leadership coach for over a decade. Her clients have included public and private, government and family owned organizations. Throughout her experience she has worked in the US, Canada, Europe, India and China.

She has worked with organizations in high technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, health care, utilities, government, aerospace, professional services and education. Companies have included Genentech, Pfizer, Colorado Division of Wildlife, City Park, Catholic Healthcare West, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, Siemens Medical Division, Satmetrix and others.

Linda has an uncanny ability to help people sort through the clutter and find alternatives. This skill cannot be taught, but is a unique way of thinking. It’s as if she can “see around the next corner”. She is a catalyst for action.

Linda is skilled with a variety of tools including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence (EI), the Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmarks and SkillScope, the Lominger’s Career Architect suite of products including VOICES, Change Style Indicator (CSI), Denison Organizational Culture Survey, and DiSC.

While attending Iowa State University she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in psychology. Linda earned her Master’s in Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University while working at CIBA-Geigy. Her coaches’ training is from The Coaches Training Institute.

In April 2007, her peers elected her to the Board of the Denver Coaching Federation. She is currently serving as co-chair for the inaugural Leadership Development Institute for the ACG Denver in collaboration with Colorado University, Leeds School of Business and Denver University, Daniels School of Business.

Linda was born in Belmond, Iowa. She grew up on the family farm nearby. She has subsequently lived in other areas of Iowa, North Carolina, Silicon Valley, and now resides in the mountains outside of Denver. Her avocation is road cycling which continues to take her and her husband to far corners of the world. She also enjoys hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, traveling, reading, cooking and wine tasting.

“Linda has worked with my company, City Park, for over ten years. She has facilitated strategic planning off sites, conducted teambuilding sessions, and coached members of the leadership team. Linda’s tremendous skill set and experience developed over the past 20 years has helped our company to continue to be successful in the service industry. She has terrific communication skills – she hears, absorbs, and is a quick “read” on issues that arise during our planning sessions. Linda’s meetings with our team consistently produces effective ideas and solutions that when applied over time have produced outstanding results! I highly recommend Linda to companies that wish to continue to grow and succeed in every level of their organization.” Tim Leonoudakis, CEO, City Park

"Linda has a wonderful way of drawing out the core issues within organizations and helping to identify the solutions, while drawing a clear link to the impact on the bottom line. Linda is the most business savvy OD consultant I know." Doug Bedinger, Principal Consultant, Consulting for Results